What is The Asher House?

The Asher House Animal Sanctuary is a registered 501c3. We rescue and rehabilitate animals that have been abused or discarded and provide them with a safe home. Many of the animals have been abandoned on properties or have been in shelters for months. Each year, we take in dozens of new dogs, cats and other large animals and livestock. We do keep some of the animals on the property to live out their lives, but we adopt out as many as we can that would do great in a loving home. 

 We get thousands of emails each month asking to help animals in need. Although we cannot help each one, we do our best to provide resources, or to make connections with other rescues across the country who have been able to assist and find homes. We have impacted many lives through our rescue networks, our national spay and neuter programs, and community involvement via library partnerships, school assemblies, and homeless outreach. We frequently provide financial help to shelters and other rescues who are in other parts of the country and who don't have the support needed.

 Our original location is in Estacada, Oregon, and we do still have some animals there. Our Salem location is much larger, and this is where Lee resides with the majority of the dogs and the cats...and of course all of the other animals on the property. We currently have over 140 animals on our properties, including dogs, cats, birds, donkeys, llamas, alpacas, cows, horses, pigs, goats, sheep and even a ram. 

 Each animal has a unique set of needs that we pay for through donations and our merchandise sales. We provide each member of our animal family the medical care needed, in addition to a safe haven and lots of love. But we also provide them with a healthy dose of adventure. Animals need enrichment and activity in order to thrive, and it is so much fun for Lee to take them along for the ride. 

 We are on a mission to make the world a better place, one rescue animal at a time.