What is The Asher House?

We rescue and rehabilitate animals that have been abused, abandoned or discarded and provide them with a safe home. Many of the animals have been abandoned on properties or have been in shelters for months. Although we do sometimes foster dogs for other organizations, for the most part, the animals you see at the sanctuary and in my videos and posts have found their permanent home with us. Looking ahead to next year, our vision includes taking in more fosters while they await their forever family. 

We get thousands of emails each month asking to help animals in need. Although we cannot help each one, we do our best to provide resources, or to make connections with other rescues across the country who have been able to assist and find homes. We have impacted many lives through our rescue networks, our national spay and neuter programs, and community involvement via library partnerships, school assemblies, and homeless outreach.

Of course we give each member of our animal family a safe haven and lots of love. But we also provide them with a healthy dose of adventure. Dogs need enrichment and activity in order to thrive, and it is so much fun for Lee to take them along for the ride. When our dogs are happy, we are happy.