How Do I Start a Sanctuary?

We do get asked this quite frequently, and we don't have an official "business plan" to share. Our organization came to be rather organically, but we can share the backstory of how we got here.  Lee does a few videos on Facebook that illustrate the history of The Asher House. They are categorizes together, and one is called "I want your life:", and another is called “How we started the Sanctuary:"  

 Basically, after traveling the country to promote dog adoption and meeting with various shelters and rescues, Lee applied for his 501c3 nonprofit, which was approved in late 2020. Because of his large social media platform, the nonprofit received a lot of exposure, and for this Lee is very grateful. After his pit bull Stella passed away, he needed a break from being on the road and wanted to fulfill his lifelong dream of planting roots and founding a sanctuary. He was able to find a large parcel of property in Oregon and it was a perfect place to make his vision a reality.  

 Once in Oregon, Lee continued to focus on saving animals and partnering with other shelters and rescues. We have now expanded to other animals like llamas, horses, pigs, goats, alpacas and even cows. He works hard to physically care for the animals and to manage the non-profit, he but does have a small team to assist. The nonprofit relies on donations, all of which go toward the care of the animals, but Lee purchased the land with his own personal income. People often wonder how he sustains himself financially, and it is primarily through paid sponsorships and his CBD oil. Here is a video that explains that in a little more depth: 

 Best Friends Animal Society has a wonderful article that we have shared with many people:  Pet Finder also has some great resources on how to start a rescue, shelter or other similar nonprofit:  And if you can, we suggest that you contact a sanctuary or rescue organization near your home and ask if you can volunteer.  This will give you a behind the scenes look at what happens daily, the costs involved, the workforce you may need, how fostering works, etc.